Birthday and Camping…what could get better.

For Jon’s birthday, we got to go to Lemongrass. According to TripAdvisor, it’s the best restaurant in the Chinese, Asian, Thai, Japanese cuisines. Jon says he enjoyed it. We splurged and got a little appetizer which was really good. Some spicy shrimp cocktails. For the main course, Jon got Duck Curry, and I got Sweet Basil Chicken. He jokes that I am finally coming around with the whole Thai thing. We shall see. For his birthday, I bought him a Multi-clad stainless steel set of cookware. I know crazy, but he liked it. I tried to get a picture of him seeing it, but the timer was a bit off with his entrance.

 On Friday, we left after work to go to Kings Mountain. I had been praying all week about the weather, because we got some terrible storms at the end of the week, and the forecast called for rain all day/night Friday night. I just wanted to get our tent up, and then it could rain, but I didn’t want to set the tent up in the rain. The Lord answered prayer! The weather was perfect. No rain and not too hot. A special thanks to my family for supplying us with our camping gear between my birthday and our Christmas gifts. Our tent seriously could house an army, but we (and Lexi) were so thankful for it.

 Lexi was exhausted before we even started, but we had a great time with her (pic bottom left is the ride up). She does so well at the campsite. She literally only barked once. At one point, Jon and Buddy left to go get more ice and water since we were going through it pretty quickly, well Catelynn and Lexi patiently waited for their “dads” to come home (bottom middle). And, it wouldn’t be a vacation without getting my exercise in, right? Courtney was a trooper, and we did our 4 min run and 2 min walk series for 3.5 miles, then we walked 3.5 miles back. Not too shabby (middle right…after the workout). We were headed to a visitor’s center that we hoped would bring us right back to camp, but alas, it didn’t, so we just turned around to come home. Poor Lexi had already done about 5-6 miles with Jon and Buddy earlier in the day, so she was VERY exhausted when we got back to camp (bottom right, second one in).

Our camping trips would not be complete without Jon’s campfire heated coffee, his smores that everyone loves, and of course breaking open a can of black beans with an axe since we couldn’t find the can opener. I will be honest, I was afraid we would be making a trip to the ER. That rounds out the weekend. Today, we hope to spend the day with some friends, but I have to finish a major project for school, so we shall see. Off to work on that project a bit more. See you next week!


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