Finally, the finale is here!

Finished. Complete. Done. Over. Kaput. Those are just a few words that I can think of in relation to my graduate career. So thankful it is done. On Friday, I gave a presentation on the Going Concern assumption and how it is currently changing the auditor’s responsibilities. I know…it sounds like loads of fun.

This week we also had Bible Study. We had two new ladies. I am always so excited and encouraged when new ladies join our group because I believe it is God’s way of telling me that we are following His will. We are still working through Beth Moore’s study called Living Beyond Yourself which is a study about the Fruit of the Spirit. This week we saw how Christ exhibited kindness and goodness and how we need to replicate Him. Our group is eagerly anticipating the culmination of this study. We are planning a trip to Charlotte,NC to see Beth Moore in person in about four weeks.

We celebrated Jon’s birthday this week with my family. I attempted to make a cake to replicate his favorite childhood cake. Here are some pictures documenting the process and the final product. It was not exactly the same, but it was very close. For example, I used blueberries where the original cake had bananas. Enjoy, and there will be more pics and info next week. 

Here is attached a picture of what I was trying to replicate.

 P.S. Just checking if Ethan is reading as promised. 🙂


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