My love – Happy Fourth Anniversary!


Have you ever felt blessed beyond your imagination?








I feel that way every day. My husband is faithful, patient, kind, educated, handy around the house (have you seen my patio?), funny (makes me cry with laughter), and the list could go on. I’m so incredibly blessed to be married to him. I love you Jon. Thank you for all of the amazing memories over the last seven years. You are my best friend!

Four years ago today, I walked down the aisle into the arms of an amazing man. Sadly, this is our first anniversary apart. Since some of you may not know how I met Jon, I thought this was an amazing time to tell you our on-going love story.

I met Jon my freshman year of college. The summer before college, I worked at a camp in Pennsylvania where my counselor suggested that we make a list of all of the qualities that we hoped to see in the man that we would marry. She encouraged us to pray over that list often with a humble heart. At this same time, I was praying begging my dad to let me travel with the ministry team that was associated with the camp where I worked. To my devastation, he said no. I went home that summer ready to start my college career.

In high school, I had competed on a mock trial team. Basically, we studied a case and prepared the case as if we were going to present it before a real jury. I was an attorney most of the time, and I truly enjoyed it. Our team won the National Championship my senior year of high school, so I did not plan to compete on the collegiate level since it was a young program and because there was nowhere to go but down. Somehow, the captain of the team who was a friend of mine convinced me and my witness (I had the same witness for three years in high school) to be on the team. Both of us were a little fed up with the workload required by mock trial. Well, long story short, my witness decided she was not going to compete after all. The Captain decided he should bring on a new person to replace her. I was ADAMENTLY opposed. We did not have time to train a new person, and I did not want a new witness. He assured me that it would be fine. He would train him personally, and he had speaking experience by working on Student Legislature. Begrudgingly, I agreed.

Jon was everything my friend promised. He learned very quickly, and I began to call him Dr. Dehnert (which was his charcter). He was a doctor of some sorts. All I remember is that he had to know a lot of technical terms, and that his cheeks would get a precious red when on the stand. He later became known as the “dashing Dr. Dehnert.” The Captain and Jon did not make the first tournament, but it was the second tournament where I realized how special Jon was. We spent the whole ride up and ride back, and really, any free time there was talking and getting to know each other. Would you believe that he met every item on my list AND SOME? Jon was so special that I thought it was too good to be true, and I refused to pursue him. I desperately wanted someone to pursue me, and that he did….

It wasn’t until we were getting ready to board the vans to head to the University of Pennsylvania that I realized I had a chance to date him. We had an artist series the night before (a play which I can’t remember). Jon mentioned that he had seen me which I did not believe him because we would have been in an auditorium with thousands of people, and I definitely did not see him (and we all know, I was looking). He quickly responded with what I was wearing, the color of my flowers, and how my hair was fixed. Talk about giving me some hope!

It would be a few months from that trip that Jon would ask me on our first official date. On February 1st, Jon asked me to date him. I could sit here and write all day about some great memories that Jon and I made over the years, but they are probably not as sentimental to you as they are to me, so I will spare you. He waited a year and a half to propose (which is a whole other exciting story which I might share on our engagement anniversary), and we were married on June 16, 2007. I love you Jon, and I can’t wait to experience the rest of our lives together!


6 thoughts on “My love – Happy Fourth Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary to my bro and my first sister-in-law!!! Glad you’re a part of our family! Enjoyed reading the love story! 🙂

  2. What a sweet story! I almost cried at the end, but you seem to always know how to make me cry so no surprises haha! Sorry you are separated from your sweetheart but hope you guys can reconnect soon and celebrate 🙂

    • It will be you before you know it. Four years has gone by so fast. I sent Jon the picture of us kissing at the end of our ceremony yesterday, and I could still feel the butterflies of excitement in my stomach from that moment.

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