Living the Life

Jon’s brother says that we are “living the life.” I tend to disagree with him. Here was “the life” this week. Jon left for Atlanta Monday morning expecting to stay the entire week. Surprisingly, he was able to come home early at six on Wednesday. I left for Charleston on Thursday (our anniversary) and returned on Friday at five. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike the drive to Charleston especially when it’s on back-to-back days? So rough. My eyes get so heavy while driving.

Since we were travelling nothing really exciting happened. We did have Bible Study this week which is always refreshing. I think I have mentioned that we are doing a Beth Moore study called Living Beyond Yourself. The Lord has definitely been teaching me a lot through the homework and the bi-weekly video sessions. When I started this Bible Study a year ago, I prayed that the Lord would help me with my pride to make sure it was never about me. I told the ladies that I didn’t have it all together and that I didn’t know all of the answers. There have definitely been some proof of those remarks, and this week was no different. Usually, Jon keeps the “kids” for me upstairs so that they won’t be sniffing, licking, or doing any other generally embarrassing things during Bible Study. Since he was away, they were with the ladies in the living room. Go figure, they were obnoxious, and of course, they went to sleep the moment everyone left.

This week we learned about the faithfulness of God in the good and the bad times. It was such a rebuke to me, because it’s SO easy to praise him when you get that raise at work, see an answered prayer, or some similar thing, but it’s a lot harder when things don’t go as planned. This week my work denied my education reimbursement because I didn’t ask permission to take my summer school course. I didn’t realize I had to ask for permission, especially since I knew the course would definitely meet the requirements of enhancing my abilities as an auditor. It was a costly mistake. My initial reaction when I received the first e-mail (hinting that it might be denied) was anger and frustration. I took a few moments and prayed for calmness, and the Lord answered that prayer. When I got the actual denial e-mail, I requested to speak with my boss who would not budge on the matter. He did tell me that he would have approved the course had I asked before I took it. Thankfully, I still wasn’t angry, VERY sad, yes, but not angry. Jon and I did not plan for this additional expense, but I truly believe it’s an opportunity for God to show Himself faithful even in what seems to be bad situations. No, I don’t believe that a check will be taped to my front door (and please, don’t mail us one), but I have asked God to continue to show me His faithfulness and require me to rely on Him for my sustenance. Who knows how He will show Himself, but I am waiting with my eyes wide open.

When I returned from my work trip, we were in prep mode for a shower that I was throwing at our house for a girl from our Bible Study. Our Bible Study has been blessed with a group of woman that knew of each other, but little about each other until we started this endeavor last year. Jon was a great help to me and helped make the event so much fun. Faith (the bride) is getting married next week, and we have seen over the past couple of weeks God’s faithfulness to her, and we can’t wait to see the same in their marriage.

We finished Saturday with an anniversary celebration at Devereaux’s. It’s a very fancy restaurant in downtown Greenville. We have wanted to go for some time, but it is very pricey. Thankfully, we got a discount, and we had received a gift certificate for referring a lot of people to our mortgage broker (she’s amazing btw…in case you are buying our re-financing). Pretty awesome. The rest of the weekend was just relaxing with each other and preparing for another week of traveling…or as Joey would say…living the life. Until next time…..


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