Happy 4th of July!!!

Wow, this week was busy. At first, I didn’t think it was too busy, but we crammed it full of a lot of stuff. Some fun, some not so fun. To start, I cleaned the garage…that fell in the not so fun, but it was such a big project that I took a picture. In case you can’t tell, the before pictures are on the left, and the after pictures are on the right. I’m pretty happy with the results. I think my dad would be too since the OCD of it reminds me of how he kept track of things. I still consider it an accomplishment that we can park in the garage after four years. Praying that it continues.

On Tuesday, my work took us to a baseball game as our firm Summer Celebration. Each year, we get together with our Charlotte office to have a fun activity. Due to some people dropping out, we had extra tickets, so I got to bring my nephew. He was SO good, and we had a blast. My favorite part was while trying to park. It was far busier than I had anticipated, and I did not want to pay for parking, so while I was on the hunt for free parking, Ethan pipes up from the back and says, “Aunt Ashleigh, I hate to break it to you, but I don’t like to walk very far.” Poor kid. Aunt Ashleigh disappointed him, and we had to walk a ways to get to the park, but he was so cute when he said it that I later rewarded him with some Chick-fil-A ice cream. He also was sweet enough to get his sister a ball and a cookie even though she couldn’t join us.

This weekend, Jon and I spent a lot of time together which has been MARVELOUS, especially since his travel schedule at work has picked up a bit, and mine is about to get a bit crazy over the next couple of months…like two trips to Piscataway, NJ…what?  So excited though since I will get to meet my new niece and see some family. The joke at Jon’s work is that his travel has begun to increase….back to Greenville (i.e. he has been spending most of his time in Atlanta). Thankfully, it has not been as bad as this past spring or even last summer, so I’m holding out hope for a slow summer.

Anyway, on Friday, my girlfriend was having her studio’s grand opening, so Jon and I headed downtown for dinner and to see her studio. We had a marvelous time, and of course I took pictures of our food. We have been getting some amazing coupons lately, so we were pretty proud to say that our entire meal was only $14 for a pretty fancy restaurant. My mom’s church was also hosting a patriotic concert, and she was running the first aid station, so we stopped by and Jon pretended to be some injured old person. She offered him ice cream…I like that kind of nurse’s station. 🙂

Date night continued on Saturday, but this time it was at home. Jon put on the works. I had TWO appetizers and some amazing supper. He even set the table up by the firepit which was pretty awesome. He tried this new recipe for grilling corn which was amazing. A little cilantro mix made them so delicious. How would it be 4th of July without grilling out too? I didn’t get any pictures of it, but we had our neighbors over this evening for a great time of fellowship and of course hamburgers and potato salad. We hope to take my mom and the girls hiking tomorrow at Dupont State Park. It has some pretty incredible waterfalls, so here’s to hoping that I’ll be here next week to update you on our lives….that is assuming you’re here….


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