Beautiful smiles, long toes, and a lonely heart

This week had Jon and I departing from our home on Tuesday and going in separate directions. Jon headed to Raleigh, NC for his annual training for work, and I headed to Bridgewater, NJ to audit a 401(k) plan for one of our clients. Somehow, when booking the flights for my co-workers and me, I mis-booked my flight which allowed me to get into Newark about six hours before my co-workers. This mistake allowed me to spend the afternoon with Grandma Sutter. I really enjoy listening to Grandma, because she tells me stories of days in the past. I think my favorite was when I asked her how she met Grandpa. She told me that she went to this book club that an “interesting man” was leading, and how a lady in the group who was a faithful believer shared with Grandma that she knew it was God’s will that she marry that man. Thankfully for all of us Sutters, that woman did not marry Grandpa. I already miss my time with Grandma. Now I just need to find a client in Colon, MI or Syracuse, NY so I can visit with my other grandmas. We even got to see some does, a fox, a bunny, and birds while on the backporch chatting. It was really peaceful.

Jon had an interesting time at training. Some events happened back at the office in Greenville that Jon’s boss was insistent that Jon take some leadership in the field in Raleigh to rally the troops. He insisted that this was a time for Jon to step up to the plate. Hopefully, this time is remembered when the promotions come out next month. If nothing else, I am sure all of the attendees at training will remember Jon’s rendition of Billy Joel’s Piano Man on his harmonica.

On Friday, I made the trip out to Long Island to visit with Sam, Ashley, and our new niece Colette. Let’s just say, I now understand why all of our family does not like driving to Long Island. It took me three hours to travel 45 miles. I met my goals of not killing any pedestrians and not getting honked at, but I was very tired when I arrived at Sam and Ashley’s. We had a marvelous visit which included my first crepe experience, smoothies, a newborn baby (Ashley’s new niece Charlotte), the beach, a lighthouse, a GREAT seafood dinner, a GREAT Italian dinner, and of course lots of snuggles with our new niece. I got to enjoy some beautiful smiles from her, and her long tiny toes are so precious.

However, no matter how great the week and weekend were, I MISSED JON! I’m so thankful the Lord allowed my travel schedule to be altered to allow me to be home with Jon this week. Praying that travel season passes quickly over the next few months.


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